Sunday Roast at The Resting Rooms

Much like tea, gin and fish and chips, the Sunday Roast is synonymous with Britain. The term ‘Beefeater’ actually originates from the Royal Guard’s love of roast beef in the 15th Century. Typically served with roast beef, it is a meal made for sharing and a great excuse for getting family and friends together.

Britain’s favourite dish historically originates from the post-church service meal and other traditionally British staples such as fish and chips also derive from religious based practices. On Fridays, Catholics and many Anglicans would not eat meat, therefore replacing it with a fish-based meal and alas, we have fish and chips. As a breaking of fast meal, church attendees would eat the traditional meat and vegetable-based feast after attending Sunday service, having not eaten beforehand. Those not fortunate enough to have the facilities to roast meat would drop their meat off at the bakers on their way to church (as bread was not baked on Sundays) and pick it up on the way home, perfectly cooked.

Our Sunday Roast is made using delicious, locally produced ingredients and with a drinks menu for all tastes to accompany it, it makes for the perfect Sunday. From cocktails such as the Bloody Mary, using The Distillery’s own Horseradish & Rosemary Vodka to an eclectic wine list, your dining experience in the Resting Rooms in the heart of Notting Hill is sure to be every bit as delicious as it is traditional.

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Why not stay for The Distillery’s Pub Quiz afterwards? Lots of fun and great prizes to be won.