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The Distillery – Old Tom Gin – 50cl



Created by master distiller and renowned gin historian Jake Burger, ’The Distillery Old Tom’ is  first 21st century gin to be produced in keeping with the distillation processes used between the 1750s – 1850s. As a result the gin has an earthy, cereal flavour with a long warm finish that is more akin in flavour profile to whisky than to modern-day gins.

To create the distinct style of the Old Tom blend, master distiller Jake Burger took a pot-distilled barley spirit that had been distilled up to about 70% ABV, which is the equivalent of an unaged scotch whisky. Jake then redistilled the spirit with juniper, coriander seed and liquorice, before adding a little sugar and a little spice. The gin was then diluted down to around 40% ABV before being aged in a very old sherry barrels above the bar in The Distillery’s Resting Room.

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“We believe that our Old Tom is the closest representation to how gin would have tasted in the end of the 18th century/start of the 19th century – a crucial moment  and probably the most significant metamorphosis in gin’s history before its flavour profile changed to the recipe widely used today.

“It has a unique and complex palate – you get cereal, grainy, bready, doughy notes on the nose and the juniper is much less dominant than in a modern London Dry gin. For someone who is used to modern London Dry Gins this is going to be quite a departure. In fact, a lot of people who try it don’t really recognise it as being like gin at all!